What is "Buff it."?

Buff it. は、多数のアーティストが集うアーティストコミュニティー&セレクトショップです。



その想いから、Buff it.は生まれました。

Buff it.は、buffet(ビュッフェ)からとって創った言葉です。










Buff it. is a select shop* that produces items designed by multiple artists.

“If I collected the unique characteristics and passions of many artists and displayed them on one canvas...

What kind of world would that canvas bring to us?”


- This was my vision upon starting Buff it.


The brand name Buff it. is a conceptual name derived from the English / French word “buffet”.

This shop is a place where visitors can enjoy viewing many different styles of artworks

and designs and select the items that they especially like as if it were a buffet-style restaurant.


In addition, the word “buff” in English means “to brush-up” or “make something shine.”

I hope that many artists will be able to grow their creativity and shine by creating items with Buff it.

Sending love and support to artists across multiple genres.


*A “select shop” is a store where the owner of the store selects and curates recommended items from multiple brands.

“Select shops” are very popular in Japan and are the trendsetters in casual to high-end fashion.